The New Alberta Provincial TEAM Program

TEAM Alberta is looking for 20 passionate cyclists who are looking to maximize their opportunities to be part of Canada’s cycling elite. The CCA has developed their Long- Term Athlete Development (LTAD)* plan and the ABA is working towards fulfilling the provincial roles outlined in the plan. The new provincial Team Program will start identifying talented athletes and providing them with systematic development to help them reach their athletic potential. The goal is to see even more Alberta cyclists wear the Canadian National team jersey to projects such as World championships, World Cups, and ultimately the Olympic Games. The focus at this time will be on the Olympic disciplines of road, track and cross-country mountain bike (BMX already has a provincial team program).
The objectives of this program will be to provide the optimal training environment for our Alberta athletes to develop into contenders at Canada Games and National Championships. Athletes and their coaches will receive support during the winter training period by providing better coaching, support services and access to training tools. Selection to specific Provincial Team projects such as National Championships will be subject to a separate selection criteria.
Benefits to the Athlete
• Integration into the CCA LTAD plan • Yearly, weekly training plans • Regular training sessions with other TEAM athletes • At least 2 University Lab tests
These tests will meet CCA protocol
Coaches will be able to prescribe more precise training with this physiological data This data will be shared with National Team Coaches to allow western athletes better national exposure, without competing in eastern races
Athletes will be able to see progress through their development

• Training camps and workshops
While the camps may be opened to all athletes, priority will be given to provincial team athletes
Training and racing workshops on nutrition, mental training, cross- training ect, will be held in Edmonton and Calgary
Christmas camp: Dec 26 – Jan 4, Feb camp: date & location tbd (possibly 11-21), Spring break Penticton camp: March 27 – April 5
The amount of ABA support will depend on the 2010 budget • Strength and Conditioning plans and coaching • Bike fits • Free Physio

• Special deals on training tools such as: power meters, and heart-rate
• Coaching development to ensure a high level of coaching for everyone
• Spring racing project

• Provincial endorsement to National Team projects

The team will consist of:
• 2 male & 2 female U23: born 1988-1991

• 6 male & 6 female Juniors: born1992-1993

• 2 male & 2 female second year Cadet: 1994

• Athletes 23 and older who are relatively new to cycling and have shown
national level potential may be selected if there are not enough eligible athletes to fill the other categories. Priority will be given to U23 athletes.
Minimum Criteria
• Top 15% placing at an UCI sanctioned event, within 10% of the winner’s time. Participation on a National Team project will be an automatic selection.
• Top 10% placing at a National (Canada or USA) sanctioned event, within 10% of the winner’s time
• Provincial Champion in the designated category*

• 2 podium finishes in an ABA or other provincially sanctioned event in the
designated category*

• Must be a member of the Alberta Bicycle Association in good standing

• The results must be from the 2009 season. An athlete can still apply if
they can substantiate an injury or other reason for poor results in the
previous season.

*Designated Categories:

U23: Road: cat 2/woman A, mtb: elite, Track: elite Junior: Road: cat 3/woman B, Mtb: Jr expert (m)/jr woman, Track: jr, B(m)/C(w) U17: Road: cat 4 (m)/, Mtb: U17 expert (m)/U17 women, Track: U17/C
Athlete Expectations

Provincial team athletes will require a NCCP certified coach or a coach who is working towards certification, and will be responsible for the cost of retaining the coach. The coaches will receive support from the provincial coach with the long- term, yearly and weekly training plans. If an eligible athlete does not have a coach, the rider will be matched up with a qualified coach.
The athletes will be required to submit their yearly training plan to the provincial coach, as well as provide monthly feed-back on their training.
Attendance to training camps, workshops will be expected as all attempts will be made to make the team events accessible for all athletes, and take into consideration travel, school schedules.
The athletes will be expected to follow the Alberta Code of Conduct.


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