FireWheels: Vote on Bike Plan funding – Edmonton

The Transportation and Public Works Committee is voting on the Active Transportation Strategy this Thursday, November 17th.Here is the report:

The bad news: the recommendation is not the $100M ($10M over 10 years) for cycling that we had initially expected. The city may be missing out on a golden opportunity to safe the city money and achieve its goals of having a more active city, less auto-dependent, with a compact urban form.

Funding PR, such as the maps, promotional programs, and such won’t get people cycling: infrastructure investments such as on road lanes for bicycles will. It has been proven in other cities; New York, Toronto, Montreal, Copenhagen, Vancouver. If you want to get people cycling you have to make it safe.

This is the test for Edmonton City Council. Are we serious about cycling and reducing our auto-dependency, or are all of these plans just nice words?

Investing in cycling will require a small sacrifice: that means money not going into some ring roads or overpasses. It might mean a proposal for a few more dollars in taxes. Those are alternatives I’m willing to face if It means traffic reduction, a safer commute for cyclists, and a healthier, more active city.

THE GOOD NEWS: The TPW committee is voting on Thursday and we still have a chance to give our feedback.

Please, call and email your councillors. Let them know the benefits of cycling. Let them know how this is a win-win for everyone in our city.

Take Action:

Please email your councillors:
– Tell them to fully-fund the original bike plan and the infrastructure as soon as possible
– Tell them when you cycle and why.
– Tell a friend and email them this message.

– Call your councillors. A phone call means more.
– Write a letter to the Journal:

– Come. Register to speak. Tell them your thoughts and that this money makes a big difference.
– The Transporation and Public Works Commitee meeting is Tuesday, November 17th and the items are time specific for 130PM
– Email me ( if you can come and we can try to coordinate messages

If you are interested in registering to speak to these items please call the office of the city clerk. The number is available at the above link, just scroll down to the bottom.



One Response to “FireWheels: Vote on Bike Plan funding – Edmonton”

  1. The 17th is actually this Tuesday, and it is Tuesday, November 17.

    Thanks for posting this.


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