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Cody Canning in Costa Rica

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Albertan’s Cody Canning & Cory Wallace are currently racing the skinny tires down in Costa Rica.  Here’s Cody’s take on the experience so far…

Provided by Cody Canning

Hello Gang!

Im sitting here in the back of our beat down but beloved Toyota Yaris rental car on the way to stage 9, a 98km circuit race around the costal city Jaco. Taking the driving challenge today is the Cycling News reporter/ Team Tour de Quebec all round helper Charles Brassard. The Shotgun winner of the day Cory Wallace aka Hippie Hempseed is keepin things chill on the ipod with a Boston song “more than a feeling”. Its Christmas day and my first one spent abroad. This post is part one of however I end up splitting my thoughts into blog form.

Stage 1 was a team time trial held on the edge of San Jose and a 15 min ride from our home base hotel. It looked like a decently flat course on the races technical guide which we soon discover is a chronic lier and makes every stage look much more flat than the true route. Our pasty white team rolls the 10.6 km course decently well for a 8th place finish. At the finish were met by some local fans who are looking for autographs, pictures and souvenirs which is a completely new and kind of cool experience.

Stage 2 was the first road stage and started off with a 5km climb followed by a 25 km long twisty decent through a rainforest. I quickly learn its much safer at the front of the pack than anywhere else due to the many obstacles and the fact that no one points anything out. At one point I accidentally rolled off the front with a Pizza Hut dude for a few minutes haha. Most of the rest of the stage was vertical walls for climbs and for some reason the Tico’s would hit there brakes at the bottom and then do a 30 second max effort over the top for the remainder of the stage. This is a very bad style of racing for someone who hasn’t ridden above 160 Hr in 2 months. O and the temperature is 30 degrees with a million % humidity. After 30 min of this the legs started pedaling squares and I was off the back with about 15 other guys and 40km remaining. Eventually Im even dropped by the groupetto as the heat and lack of training is affecting me big time. Rolling in solo after 155km and completely spent im starting to think racing 10lbs too fat over mountains was a bad choice.

The Stage 3 course profile resembles a saw blade and it cut me deep. 130km of 500m vertical walls finishing with a 12km climb again in 30 something degree heat. I somehow manage to keep my aching carcass in contact with the main pack until the 35km to go mark where I popped huge on the races first KOM climb. From there it was damage control to the max to try and make time cut. Somehow I start to roll some somewhat decent gears and finish only 12 min back passing 10-15 guys before the finish. The bad news of the day was one of my team mates Arnaud Butterfly got hit by a motorcycle going back to the team car for water and broke his collarbone…not good at all!!!

Along with some of my teammates and my new friends the Columbians im learning and implementing all legal stage race recovery methods available. One of the most important being the daily massage by Columbian massage guru Raphael who works with some of the top riders in South America and the best team in the race. Being probably the least trained rider here I need all the help I can get. Im told this is the fastest edition of the Vuelta to date and that its one of the fastest races of the season in South and Central America. The level of competition here is by far the highest i’ve ever done as every hill turns into a max effort just to stay in partial contact with the tail end of the peloton.


CC aka Casper Mc White


Pedalhead Hockey Round 2

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Round TWO of Pedalhead hockey is back on December 22nd @ 10:30 P.M.

Please note the ARENA FOR THE GAME…

We are playing at CALLINGWOOD Arena B

17740 69th Ave.
Edmonton, AB

$20 per skater. If you bring a food bank donation you play for $15. First beer is free either way.

We need 20 skaters for a fast game so get your name in soon if you want to play. We also need 2 goalies and they always play for FREE!

Please remember to bring a WHITE jersey and a BLACK or RED jersey. No other colours please.


Pedalhead hockey is unique in that we encourage beginners to play. If you are just learning or have not played in a while, don’t let that hold you back.

Because we have more players than spots, the FIRST to email back are in!

We are on the ice at 10:30 P.M. for 1.5 hours.

See you Tuesday night Dec 22

New Bike Shop to Calgary in 2010: BikeBike Inc

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Provided by Sean Carter, Crit Ninja

Hey All!

Well, the time has come for me to do something I have been dreaming and thinking about since my first days as a young teen in my local bike store back in Etobicoke ON – I am opening my own shop here in Calgary.

About a year ago, I was struck by what I like to call an “entrepreneurial seizure” and it was right then that I decided that the time had come for me to make the leap into small business ownership. There are many reasons why this “seizure” happened, not the least of which is a desire to make a positive impact in my community – but importantly, I feel that Calgary has an unmet demand for a bike store that is a little different, very accessible to non-cyclists, passionate, and professional.

BikeBike’s focus will be to provide products, services, and advice to people who are looking to make bicycles a bigger part of their daily life. We will have bikes for families, bikes for commuting, bikes for exploring and shopping – everyday bicycles. We will also be working really hard to offer Calgarians a bikeshop experience that is fresh, modern, and professional.

I am hoping to setup a blog of some sort on our store webpage so if you are looking for my rants and opinions it might be best to check the store website in the future.

If you would like to support our new store, feel free to follow our progress on Twitter or if you are the Facebook sort, you can find our BikeBike FanPage here.   Our new website is  The website does not have much on it for now but will be updated as we approach the opening date – sometime in February 2010 is the projected opening.

Make sure you come visit us soon!

Happy Trails!