Speed Theory Women’s Team is Looking for New Riders

Speed Theory Women’s Team is now recruiting! We are a grassroots team with plans for future growth. Our goal is to develop both our racing teams and training teams. We will be holding an open house on February 2 at 6 pm at the Speed Theory Store. Plan to stop by and meet other team members and ask questions. Find out why Speed Theory is the club for you! No experience racing? No problem, we will help you prepare and feel confident for your 1st race!

A few things we are lining up for the year include:

Twice a week training sessions. One of these will be a skills session. We will cover basic skills such as drafting, pack riding, cornering, crit riding, etc. The second session will be a long easy ride where there will be a no drop rule. Riders will be divided into abilities to accommodate all types of riders. We will teach you what to eat and drink on long rides and provide great riding routes around Calgary and the mountains.

A Race team for both A and B riders. We will be asking those that want to be part of a race team to choose 3 out of 5 races to attend. This will ensure that we have a good selection of women at each race. Our goal is simple- to create an atmosphere of Speed Theory riders who can work together at races.

Our training sessions will be open to all club members whether you are part of the race team or a non-racing member. We want to
Join us on February 2 and learn more about Women’s cycling and the Speed Theory Team.

If you have questions please contact any or all of the following:

Kailee: kaileeboyle@gmail.com
Marcy: marcy.kimpton@gmail.com
Sandra: yaworski@telusplanet.net


One Response to “Speed Theory Women’s Team is Looking for New Riders”

  1. Enjoyed every bit of your post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

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