Bow Cycle Blue Light Sale

It’s back and bigger than ever. More Bikes, More Accessories, More Clothing, More Everything!!!

Saturday Blue Light Specials
• 10am – 2009 Norco VFR X3 Reg 749 Sale 549, 2009 Specialized Tarmac Comp Carbon Reg 2919 Sale 1999, 2009 Specialized Epic Expert Reg 4379 Sale 2599, 2008 Specialized Enduro Expert Reg 4179 Sale 2299
• 11am – Tools 40% off
• 12pm – All Hoodys 50% off
• 1pm – All Helmets 50% off (limit 2 per customer)
• 2pm – Tires 40% off
• 3pm – All Dakine 50% off
• 4pm – 2009 Fox Float 32 RC forks Reg 899.99 Sale 499.99 (Limit one, only 19)

Sunday Blue Light Specials
• 10am- 2009 Norco Charger Reg 1199 Sale 749, 2008 Kona Lisa Four Reg 1699 Sale 999, 2008 Kona Dogma Reg 1699 Sale 999
• 11am – All Louis Gurnee 50% off
• 12pm – All Hydration Packs 50% off
• 1pm – All Gloves 50% off
• 2pm – Repair Stands 40% off
• 3pm – All Electronics 40% off (except Shimano Di2)
• 4pm – Shimano pedals (MX30, XT, R760, DX) 40% off

Check the website for dates for bikes.



4 Responses to “Bow Cycle Blue Light Sale”

  1. So being on a team associated with Bow Cycle gets you 30% off on March 6 at Team Night but two weeks later the general public get 40-50% off?

    From a ‘team forum’ ….

    Hope to see you all tomorrow night. We are offering a special one night only 30% off on Parts, clothing and accessories. As well we have Goldsprints for some fun. Food from Salt and Pepper.

    Dave Gruniger and Shane Campbell just returned from Specialized getting their BG Master Fit technician status. Dave will be running a live fit during the evening.



  2. WTF,
    Without your name it is hard to know how to interpret your comments.
    As for our Team Appreciation Night. It is a chance for us to see our teams (Bow Cycle/CMC, Deadgoats, Spin Sisters, Tri-Life, Kronos, Shmoes, Olympic Oval) before the season starts, say hi and thank them for being our customers. Yes, we offered them 30% off, that was on every part, accessory and stitch of clothing in the building. We also, brought in some munchies from Salt & Pepper and drinks, had Goldsprints there for fun and gave away a few hundred dollars in clothing and accessories. Our teams receive benefits all year long that benefit them and not the general public. Priority service, team pricing on bikes, and discounts all year long on top of the money and prizes that we give to their races. Not to mention the other races that Bow Cycle supports in the Calgary Area. The Blue Light Sale, 4th annual (so anyone who has been around knows we are having the sale), is a chance for us to put some money in the till, pay some bills and supply the above benefits to the teams we support. The discounts you mention were on specific items not the entire store as mentioned. This is the sort of thing that makes us wonder why we do the extra work for the teams that we do.
    If you want to discuss this further, John Franzky and I would enjoy the chance to sit down with you and discuss it.
    Thank you,
    Bob Grunewald
    John Franzky
    Bow Cycle & Sports

  3. Sales come and go and this one is an annual. I’ve been every year and do attend the team nights as well.

    Bow likes to take care of their people and a private night of shopping and food is a great way to show we are indeed cared for. No general public mayhem to get a deal? SWEET!

    Thanks, Bow. Keep up the awesome service!

  4. How are you Been reading your wonderful site and I found the entry very helpful,shimano makes the best fishing and bike products. Do you know if there is anything new from shimano in the cycling products like brakes? The shimanoxtr series are componentsets like no one else makes,I know there are more that I would like to know about if you see anything post it and I will check back in. Thanks

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