Alberta Spring Series Road Race Goes This Sunday


The I Wish I Trained More Grande Prix

 Sunday, April 11, 2010

Registration: 9:30 am

Woodbend Community Center (limited parking available)

-Located at the intersection of Woodbend Road (TWP Road 514) and Winterburn Road (215st SW)

-This is approximately 5k south of Dunvegan Gardens.

-Bring your own water as we will not have access to a tap.

-We will have a port-a-potty available for your pre-race enjoyment.

-Check out the awesome ERTC website at for further details and to take an adventure back in website design time to the days when Netscape was your browser of choice.

-Your name must be on a club list that has been forwarded to the ABA or you must present your racing license, if not, you will not race.

 Race Start: 10am

Race Categories: A (7 x 12 km) = 84 km

B (5 x 12 km) = 60 km

Women/C (4 x 12 km) = 48 km

Race Entry Fee: Priceless, but $5 will do.

*Potential Reward: Eternal Greatness and **PRO Cycling Contract

*Potential Consequences: Broken Dreams, & a plan to train more next winter

 ** No money and or sponsorship of any kind is guaranteed with the PRO contract

If you don’t feel like racing but want to volunteer or have any other questions please email Travis at twanderson [at]


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