Bike to the Symphony

Kick off this year’s Bike Month in style. Ride with Edmonton Bicycle Commuters to the symphony!

EBC and the ESO are partnering to offer $25 tickets (incl. all fees) to EBC members for the June 1 performance of Cameron Carpenter and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Tickets will be on sale only until May 6. A limited number of tickets are available, so hurry to get yours.

If your membership has expired or you haven’t become a member, you can buy a combo: a new individual membership and symphony ticket for $35.

Please go to BikeWorks prior to May 6 to purchase your ticket. Seating will be located on the main floor of the Winspear (orchestra seating).

On June 1, we’ll gather at BikeWorks (10047 80 Ave) between 6:10-6:30pm. A second group will also gather at Beaver Hills Park (105 St and Jasper Ave) between 6:40-7:00pm. You can meet at whichever location is most convenient to you.

The BikeWorks group will depart at 6:30pm and ride to Beaver Hills Park to join with the downtown group. At 7pm, the whole group will ride together to the Winspear. The concert will begin at 7:30pm.

Please try to wear your dress clothes for the bike ride, if possible. However, dress clothes are not required, if you prefer not to wear them, or if you wish to change once we arrive at the Winspear.

Event Location: BikeWorks (10047 80 Ave, entrance through back alley only), Beaver Hills Park (105 St and Jasper Ave), and the Winspear Centre (#4 Sir Winston Churchill Square, corner of 99 St and 102 Ave)
Event Admission: $25. Purchase at BikeWorks until May 6.
Contact for More Info:
Event webpage/website:


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