2010 Deadgoat Giver8er

The 2010 Deadgoat GR83 Giver8er registration is now open. Please got to http://www.karelo.com to register

May 30, 2010, the Giver8er, an 8 hour endurance race at Canada Olympic Park. G8R3 is the third Deadgoat Giver8er and we can’t stop. An 8 hour mountain bike lap race at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary on May 30th, 2010.

Categories are as follows:
Solo men and Women, $60.00 per person
Solo Single Speed Men and Women, $60.00 per person
Teams of Two; Men, Women and Mixed, $50.00 per person
Teams of Four; Men, Women and Mixed, $40.00 per person

Day license is $10.00
All fees are PER PERSON, IE: EACH, based on type of category.
Example: team of 4 total cost is $160.00, plus any day licenses needed.

The course is app 9.5 km in length with app 220-240 meters of elevation gain per lap. Race will run from 9am to 5pm with awards to follow.
Racers meeting is 8:45, just prior to start, so be ready. Sign on and course inspection will be Saturday May 29 from 12 noon to 5pm. Please add team name in the field marked – Club/Team/Business –
There will be one feed zone with food and drink as well as water and fruit… Day licenses available… There will be race day check in from 7 to 8:30am… There will be suffering…



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