Calgary tour de nuit Society Update

The Calgary tour de nuit Society has written the City of Calgary, Transportation Department to ask them to kindly review who they have invited as stakeholders to a new cycling stakeholder committee. This committee was set up as a result of Alderman McIver’s attempt to introduce a notice of motion for a Road Diet on 5th and 6th Ave SW through the heart of downtown Calgary and then the subsequent resubmission of the pathway speed/safety study by another alderman in the political horse-trading that followed.
This tour de nuit legislative initiative represents the first time a cycling group has had input to the municipality’s agenda. In 2006 Council defeated a proposal for a bike station and in 2008 it defeated a proposal to study a Montreal-style bike rental program.
CtdnS would like to ensure that the following cycling stakeholders are represented on the committee:

The Alberta Bicycle Association
The Alberta Triathlon Association
The Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance
The healthcare sector
Calgary’s independent bicycle dealers
Business revitalization zones
Inner city community associations (specifically transportation specialists)
Personal or triathlon trainers or cycling coaches

The Calgary tour de nuit Society issued invitations to one or more representatives of each of these stakeholder groups encouraging them to ensure that their constituency is an integral part of this process. CtdnS set out our objectives with the legislative initiative launched in the winter and detailed what the Transportation Department was attempting to achieve by establishing the stakeholder committee. The goal of the Calgary tour de nuit Society is to raise the mode share of people who travel by bicycle — more people cycling more often.


One Response to “Calgary tour de nuit Society Update”

  1. This is a great move – the people most affected being represented and consulted!

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