Alberta Youth and Paralympic Road and Track Championships

Youth and Paralympic cyclists of Alberta met in Calgary over the Labour Day weekend for their final event of the year – the Alberta Youth/Paralympic Road and Track Championships. The focus of the event is completely on the Youth and Para crowd – no other categories offered. Racing started Saturday with an Omnium-style track meet at Calgary’s Glenmore Velodrome, and then moved to the hamlet of Madden, about 70 km north of Calgary, for a Time Trial Sunday and Road Road Monday.

The Paralympic categories featured over a dozen riders, competing on hand-cycles, trikes, and bikes. Para riders included National team member Jaye Milley, recently returned from two top-6 placings at the World Championships, in addition to a strong, competitive crew of hand-cyclists.

Riders to watch in future, and stars of the weekend, included the Juventus pair of Kinley Gibson and Samuel Beaudoin, who swept all three events in U17 Women and U17 Men, respectively, while Sam Radzke (CMC/Bow Cycle) did likewise in U15 men.

The event was hosted by the Calgary Bicycle Track League, and Calgary Cycle/Top Gear racing team.


U17 winner Samuel Beaudoin leads a break in the RR


Hand-cyclists tackle one of the steep rollers on the RR course
Photos by Dallas Morris

Full results can be found here:





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