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2011 Bike Expo in Edmonton

Posted in Bike Shops on October 25, 2010 by bikealberta

Provided by United Cycle

Get ready for Bike Expo 2011 with all the hottest gear for the cycling season. Meet celebrity riders and manufacturers’ reps and take advantage of special pricing on those items you need to get rolling next season. On November 6th, United Cycle will explode with events and excitement for riders of all type.


Pork Chop Throw-Down – 11AM to 2PM
Prize: Trek Ticket Frame
Raw Round – Bring in a wrapped pork chop to be judged on cut, freshness, tenderness, fat content, appearance.
Cooked Round – Eligible pork chops will be cooked by a trained cook. Entries prepared similarly for fairness.
Judges will choose a pork chop winner based on best tasting.

Trials Team Demo – 11am and 2pm

Challenge a Pro – Compete on a TacX Flow for your chance to win one! $700 value.


* 2011 Shimano XTR
* Trek Session 88
* Trek Speed Concept
* Specialized Shiv
* Specialized Demo 8
* Specialized Epic Evo
* Norco Range
* Norco Shinobe


Paula Findlay 2010 World Cup Triathlon Gold Medalist – London, Kitzbuhel

Jay Hoots Norco Team Rider and Bike Park Designer

Carl Matson: Trek Speed Concept Developer – 10:30am for a private sit down. Please RSVP
Famous on, Paul is the head designer of the Speed Concept project with over 15 years composite engineering and 20 years racing experience. Paul spent 10 years working for the Materials Engineering Division of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), where he provided composite materials engineering support to several US Navy & Marine Corps air vehicle and R&D programs. His multisport racing history goes back over 20 years and includes Team USA age group experiences at ITU Worlds events in both long and short course duathlon as well as long course triathlon.

Lori-Ann Muenzer Olympic Gold Medalist and Author


* Trek
* Specialized
* Norco
* Shimano
* Intense
* Electra
* Look


* Electra Cruiser
* Mirraco BMX
* Chariot Cougar I
* Giro Helmets/Camelbaks
* Sugoi Clothing

Don’t let the snow & cold get you down.  Come on out to United Cycle to see all the new gear for 2011 at the United Cycle Bike Expo!


Race Report: Don’t Let It Happen To You!

Posted in 'Cross on October 23, 2010 by bikealberta

Provided by Joe Litke of the Fiera Race Team

The last regular Tuesday Night Cyclocross Race of the year was held last Tuesday in Goldbar Park. The Fiera Race Team was well represented with Jan, Darren, Derek, and myself all lining up in the B Category.

My lunch wasn’t sitting too well as I waited for the start, wishing I’d taken a quick trip to the dunny before lining up.  I had a pretty good staging, and was in the first row, and could see Daren and Jan together in the second row on the opposite side–Derek apparently snuck in to staging late, and had about the worst spot for starting a race, but the best view of the field.  I was a little bit distracted by the noises my lower intestine was making, but immediately forgot about my discomfort when I heard the word GO!

I had my best start of the season and hopped on the wheel of the leader as he put a steadily increasing gap on the field. By the end of the first of 5 laps the gap had grown to about 15 seconds. The leader began to fade, but the course was poorly marked and I hated to take the lead, feeling that i’d rather benefit from his course errors and hesitations than vice versa, so I slowed down too, resting and waiting. Soon a rider bridged the gap and blew past us, I managed to grab his wheel and hold on, and felt good approaching the third lap, I looked back and could see Jan gaining on us, bridging the gap on the wheel of another racer. Suddenly that lunch I mentioned earlier, the one that was not sitting so well, made its status known to me in the form of an intestinal cramp, the urgent kind, not easily ignored.
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