Announcing Calgary’s First, And Hopefully Annual, Bike Swap

Provided by Calgary Bike Swap

With the cyclical nature of finances, a lot of people need to sell a bike before they can buy one. On April 1 & 2, 2011, a group of knowledgeable long-time cyclists have put together a bike swap at Bowness Sportsplex, 7904-43 Ave NW. Sellers bring bikes to Bowness Sportsplex on Friday April 1 between 4:00 and 9:00. Seller’s bikes are assessed by mechanically experienced riders, the serial numbers are recorded on the agreement to sell, and the bike is placed on a rack to sell the next day. On Saturday April 2 between 8:00 and 5:00, buyers can peruse the stock of consigned bikes. At 5:01 on Saturday, everyone who brought a bike to sell at the swap comes back for their cheque, or if it didn’t sell, they can take their bike home, or donate it to Good Life bike. There will be hundreds of bikes under one roof in a safe environment.
Though this idea has been percolating for years, it came to fruition after hours of driving around Calgary trying to track down a bike being sold online. We realized that bikes are not always as advertised, and we didn’t always feel safe going to people’s houses or garages. The City of Calgary police said that there
are over 30,000 stolen bikes. Most people have no way of knowing the bike being sold online belongs to the person trying to sell it.

Calgary Bike Swap has done due diligence, there is security, serial numbers are recorded, and Calgary Police will be onsite, making it safe for sellers and buyers. We want to emphasize that we hope to stimulate bike sales by getting bikes out of the man-caves and onto the pathways, trails, and roads. We received a positive response about participating in this bike swap from every bicycle shop in Calgary.

Another charitable feature of this event is that 10% of the profit, if there is any, will be donated to riders for MS, and the Ride to Conquer Cancer events. Riders are asked to provide their information to the the Calgary Bike Swap team. The instigator, Laura, has had MS for over 30 years, is an MS Ambassador, marshals the mountain bike ride in Hinton, has ridden the Airdrie to Olds event, and is a year round bike commuter.
Really hope to see you on April 1 and/or April 2 at Bowness Sportsplex to help us make Calgary Bike Swap a success.


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