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Announcing Calgary’s First, And Hopefully Annual, Bike Swap

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Provided by Calgary Bike Swap

With the cyclical nature of finances, a lot of people need to sell a bike before they can buy one. On April 1 & 2, 2011, a group of knowledgeable long-time cyclists have put together a bike swap at Bowness Sportsplex, 7904-43 Ave NW. Sellers bring bikes to Bowness Sportsplex on Friday April 1 between 4:00 and 9:00. Seller’s bikes are assessed by mechanically experienced riders, the serial numbers are recorded on the agreement to sell, and the bike is placed on a rack to sell the next day. On Saturday April 2 between 8:00 and 5:00, buyers can peruse the stock of consigned bikes. At 5:01 on Saturday, everyone who brought a bike to sell at the swap comes back for their cheque, or if it didn’t sell, they can take their bike home, or donate it to Good Life bike. There will be hundreds of bikes under one roof in a safe environment.
Though this idea has been percolating for years, it came to fruition after hours of driving around Calgary trying to track down a bike being sold online. We realized that bikes are not always as advertised, and we didn’t always feel safe going to people’s houses or garages. The City of Calgary police said that there
are over 30,000 stolen bikes. Most people have no way of knowing the bike being sold online belongs to the person trying to sell it.

Calgary Bike Swap has done due diligence, there is security, serial numbers are recorded, and Calgary Police will be onsite, making it safe for sellers and buyers. We want to emphasize that we hope to stimulate bike sales by getting bikes out of the man-caves and onto the pathways, trails, and roads. We received a positive response about participating in this bike swap from every bicycle shop in Calgary.

Another charitable feature of this event is that 10% of the profit, if there is any, will be donated to riders for MS, and the Ride to Conquer Cancer events. Riders are asked to provide their information to the the Calgary Bike Swap team. The instigator, Laura, has had MS for over 30 years, is an MS Ambassador, marshals the mountain bike ride in Hinton, has ridden the Airdrie to Olds event, and is a year round bike commuter.
Really hope to see you on April 1 and/or April 2 at Bowness Sportsplex to help us make Calgary Bike Swap a success.


Cycling Trends East of Winnipeg

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By Ottawa-based, Michael Haynes, Director of TransActive Solutions and publisher of the AT-Canada blog

Thursday, November 25, 2010
6:30 pm 4th Floor Meeting Room W. R. Castell Central Library 616 Macleod Trail SE, T2G 2M2

Open to the Public

Sponsored by the Calgary tour de nuit Society and the Calgary Public Library.  Made possible by funding from the Government of Ontario
Hear and discuss with one of Canada’s foremost authorities on active and sustainable transportation trends affecting the growth of mode share of bicycle, running and walking transportation in Eastern Canada.
In the last five years, Haynes has conducted workshops and presentations on Active Transportation in more than 60 communities. From 2003-2008, he was the National Active Transportation and TrailsCanada Coordinator of Go for Green, the national coordinating body responsible for cycling promotion programs such as Commuter Challenge and Carfree Day.

He is currently a member of the Advisory Committee for Active Transportation (Public Health Agency of Canada), the Steering Committee for the Ottawa Pathway Patrol and the Public Advisory Committee on Segregated Bike Lanes.

This is the second in a series of public forums on active and sustainable transportation sponsored by the Calgary tour de nuit Society and the Calgary Public Library. The series was inaugurated by Hans Moor, Economic Affairs Officer of the Royal Netherlands Embassy and President of Ottawa’s Citizens for Safe Cycling.

Calgary tour de nuit Society is a member-based, non-profit active and sustainable transportation organization promoting more people cycling more often. In January, CtdnS working with City Aldermen proposed segregated bike lanes for 5th and 6th Ave. SW, the ‘Road Diet’. The City of Calgary Transportation Department substituted a multi- year study.


Cycling in the Netherlands – Presentation in Calgary this Friday

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Hans Moor, Economic and Commercial Affairs Officer, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ottawa will be delivering a presentation on Cycling in the Netherlands followed by a question and answer period. The talk will discuss the economic effects of cycling on society as a whole as well as factors that have proven successful at increasing the popularity of commuter cycling.

Hans is a commuter cyclist and is the president of the Ottawa active and sustainable transportation organization Citizens for Safe Cycling.

Sponsored by the Calgary Public Library and the Calgary tour de nuit Society.

Friday, September 10, 2010
2:00 pm
4th Floor Meeting Room
W. R. Castell Central Library
616 Macleod Trail SE, T2G 2M2


Calgary tour de nuit Society Update

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The Calgary tour de nuit Society has written the City of Calgary, Transportation Department to ask them to kindly review who they have invited as stakeholders to a new cycling stakeholder committee. This committee was set up as a result of Alderman McIver’s attempt to introduce a notice of motion for a Road Diet on 5th and 6th Ave SW through the heart of downtown Calgary and then the subsequent resubmission of the pathway speed/safety study by another alderman in the political horse-trading that followed.
This tour de nuit legislative initiative represents the first time a cycling group has had input to the municipality’s agenda. In 2006 Council defeated a proposal for a bike station and in 2008 it defeated a proposal to study a Montreal-style bike rental program.
CtdnS would like to ensure that the following cycling stakeholders are represented on the committee:

The Alberta Bicycle Association
The Alberta Triathlon Association
The Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance
The healthcare sector
Calgary’s independent bicycle dealers
Business revitalization zones
Inner city community associations (specifically transportation specialists)
Personal or triathlon trainers or cycling coaches

The Calgary tour de nuit Society issued invitations to one or more representatives of each of these stakeholder groups encouraging them to ensure that their constituency is an integral part of this process. CtdnS set out our objectives with the legislative initiative launched in the winter and detailed what the Transportation Department was attempting to achieve by establishing the stakeholder committee. The goal of the Calgary tour de nuit Society is to raise the mode share of people who travel by bicycle — more people cycling more often.

Edmonton’s Matt Decore is Featured in Today’s Edmonton Journal

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The Day of the Bike is at hand — on Sunday, June 27 Super cyclist Matty Decore mapping out 180-km race in Big E

Check out the article by Journal writer Nic Lees [here]


Calgary Bicycle Festival and ‘Ride the Road’ Tour Sunday June 6, 2010

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Provided by

The tragedy in Rougemont, Quebec on May 14, 2010, highlights the vulnerability of cyclists and athletes who use the roads as an integral component of their fitness and training regimes. In many jurisdictions around the world, safety statistics for cyclists have demonstrated substantial improvement with an increase in urban commuter cycling.  With more bicycles on the road, drivers will exhibit a greater sense of awareness for sharing the road with commuters who travel without a shell of protective steel and plastic. The single greatest impetus for increasing bicycle mode share is the work of an effective cycling promotion organization.

About Us

The Calgary tour de nuit Society (CtdnS) was formed by a small group of bicycle commuters who met at a City of Calgary Transportation Committee meeting. The commuters came to the conclusion that bicycle commuting was not being actively addressed in the city’s transportation plan. These cyclists secured sponsorship from Calgary lawyers (Field Law LLP) and incorporated a non-profit active and sustainable transportation organization to encourage ‘more people cycling more often’.

The first task was to prove that public support in Calgary exists for commuter cycling and that municipal investments in commuter cycling infrastructure has positive environmental gains while demonstrating fiscal prudence. Calgary was also the only major Canadian city that had not hosted any public events to promote cycling. Noting the extraordinary success of ‘community-based social marketing’ techniques in Melbourne, Australia, which have raised bicycle transportation mode share up 10 per cent, the Calgary tour de nuit Society introduced the ‘Ride the Road’ tour.

‘Ride the Road’ tour

Last year, the tour was a 12 km closed-road, on-street circuit around downtown and through the Stampede grounds; a rolling closure was provided by Calgary Police Services to allow participants to ride in complete safety down city streets. The ride was designed to allow participants the sensation of cycling on streets found in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Portland. The Calgary tour de nuit Society is the only transportation cycling member of the Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA), which endorsed the ‘Ride the Road’ tour. After the success of last year’s event, the CtdnS board promptly joined the Alberta Triathlon Association (ATA) to secure its sponsorship for the 2010 ‘Ride the Road’ tour.

This year for the ‘Ride the Road’ tour, the City of Calgary and the CtdnS have agreed to a ‘hub and spoke’ model inspired by the ‘Skyride’ in London, England. With the introduction of a ‘spoke’ ride (starting at Tuxedo Park) down Centre Street to Stanley Park (where the main ‘hub’ route will commence), the ‘Ride the Road’ tour is now a two-for-one event and double last year’s distance-up at 25 km.

Pump up your tires Calgary!

On Sunday, June 6, 2010 you can join hundreds of Calgarians to support the need for active and sustainable transportation by participating in the tour at the Calgary Bicycle Festival. Join us for a day of family-friendly activities, healthy and sustainable living, free festival entertainment, and to help the CtdnS promote ‘more people cycling more often’. Register or volunteer here.

Bike to the Symphony

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Kick off this year’s Bike Month in style. Ride with Edmonton Bicycle Commuters to the symphony!

EBC and the ESO are partnering to offer $25 tickets (incl. all fees) to EBC members for the June 1 performance of Cameron Carpenter and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Tickets will be on sale only until May 6. A limited number of tickets are available, so hurry to get yours.

If your membership has expired or you haven’t become a member, you can buy a combo: a new individual membership and symphony ticket for $35.

Please go to BikeWorks prior to May 6 to purchase your ticket. Seating will be located on the main floor of the Winspear (orchestra seating).

On June 1, we’ll gather at BikeWorks (10047 80 Ave) between 6:10-6:30pm. A second group will also gather at Beaver Hills Park (105 St and Jasper Ave) between 6:40-7:00pm. You can meet at whichever location is most convenient to you.

The BikeWorks group will depart at 6:30pm and ride to Beaver Hills Park to join with the downtown group. At 7pm, the whole group will ride together to the Winspear. The concert will begin at 7:30pm.

Please try to wear your dress clothes for the bike ride, if possible. However, dress clothes are not required, if you prefer not to wear them, or if you wish to change once we arrive at the Winspear.

Event Location: BikeWorks (10047 80 Ave, entrance through back alley only), Beaver Hills Park (105 St and Jasper Ave), and the Winspear Centre (#4 Sir Winston Churchill Square, corner of 99 St and 102 Ave)
Event Admission: $25. Purchase at BikeWorks until May 6.
Contact for More Info:
Event webpage/website: