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Cowbell – An Alberta Cyclocross

Posted in 'Cross, Racing on December 17, 2010 by bikealberta

Cowbell is a mini-doc film that follows 4 Alberta cyclocross racers, Mike Sarnecki, Bridget Linder, Jason Redfern and Ken Hurd during the 2010 Alberta cyclocross season.

Interviews, combined with race and event footage from Edmonton, Calgary and Devon combine to make up these 3 web-isodes.

Filmed on Kodak Playsport

EP #1 has pre-season racer interviews, talking about goals for the season, and Alberta CX culture. It also includes both the ERTC School of Cross and Hardcore Hop n’ Hurl races.

Cowbell – an Alberta cyclocross season, EP1 from Sheldon Smart on Vimeo.

EP #2 follows our racers as the season gets underway in both Edmonton and Calgary, including the CMC/Bow Cycle Oval Cross, Juventus Jim Horner GP, and Red Bike Red Cross.

Cowbell – an Alberta cyclocross season, EP2 from Sheldon Smart on Vimeo.

EP #3 finishes off with Lion’s Den Provincial Championships in Devon, and the Pedalhead Super Prestige. Did our racer’s seasons pan out the way they wanted? Did they meet their season goals? Watch and find out.

Cowbell – an Alberta cyclocross season, EP3 from Sheldon Smart on Vimeo.

If you have ideas for next year, suggestions for what you want to see in our next CX season film, let us know. Thanks for watching. Keep ridin’!

-Mike & Sheldon


Brian Kullman Memorial CX and Beans n’ Barley Halloween CX – UPDATED w/ PHOTOS

Posted in 'Cross, Racing on November 1, 2010 by bikealberta

Provided by Joseph Litke, Fiera Race Team

There were two Alberta Cup Cyclocross races in Calgary this weekend, and they were totally awesome; well organized, swarming with volunteers and spectators, and most importantly brilliant and very punishing course design. To top it all off, the weather was absolutely fantastic, dry, warm and sunny.

A personal highlight for many on Saturday at the Brian Kullman Memorial CX ( put on by Speed Theory) was participation of international women’s road cyclist, Julie Beveridge, who rode a strong race, showing spectacular superiority on the straight flats, but revealed some weakness in the technical sections. Local rider Bridget Linder, of Hardcore Bikes in Edmonton, came from behind after a crash on the first lap. Bridget is well respected in mountain biking and cyclocross for her technical abilities, and she employed these methodically to wear Beveridge down and eventually build a gap to take the win. It was an excellent spectacle.

On Sunday at the Beans n’ Barley Halloween CX (put on by Terrascape Racing) there were many highlights. First, there was beer. Second, in the spirit of Halloween, many racers came in costume. In the women’s race, nearly every racer was in masquerade, with appearances from Wonder Woman, Super Woman, a run-away-bride, a pirate, Little Bo Peep and a bumble bee, to name a few. As if she needed to earn even more respect from the Expert field, Katy Curtis (Bow Cycle) made a bid for the win in full Tim Horton’s uniform. By far the most crowd-pleasing was a cardboard and tin-foil robot who contested the Elite field.

To summarize; if you race ‘Cross in Alberta, and you missed the races this weekend, you really missed something special, they may have been the best yet. If you don’t race ‘Cross in Alberta, then you have my sincere sympathy; you don’t know what you’re missing!

The fine-tuned staff at the ABA has already posted results for you to check out [here]

And check out more of Bill Quinney’s photos [here]

Race Report: Don’t Let It Happen To You!

Posted in 'Cross on October 23, 2010 by bikealberta

Provided by Joe Litke of the Fiera Race Team

The last regular Tuesday Night Cyclocross Race of the year was held last Tuesday in Goldbar Park. The Fiera Race Team was well represented with Jan, Darren, Derek, and myself all lining up in the B Category.

My lunch wasn’t sitting too well as I waited for the start, wishing I’d taken a quick trip to the dunny before lining up.  I had a pretty good staging, and was in the first row, and could see Daren and Jan together in the second row on the opposite side–Derek apparently snuck in to staging late, and had about the worst spot for starting a race, but the best view of the field.  I was a little bit distracted by the noises my lower intestine was making, but immediately forgot about my discomfort when I heard the word GO!

I had my best start of the season and hopped on the wheel of the leader as he put a steadily increasing gap on the field. By the end of the first of 5 laps the gap had grown to about 15 seconds. The leader began to fade, but the course was poorly marked and I hated to take the lead, feeling that i’d rather benefit from his course errors and hesitations than vice versa, so I slowed down too, resting and waiting. Soon a rider bridged the gap and blew past us, I managed to grab his wheel and hold on, and felt good approaching the third lap, I looked back and could see Jan gaining on us, bridging the gap on the wheel of another racer. Suddenly that lunch I mentioned earlier, the one that was not sitting so well, made its status known to me in the form of an intestinal cramp, the urgent kind, not easily ignored.
Read More  from the Fiera Race Team [here].

Edmonton’s Tuesday Night ‘Cross Race is Cancelled for Tonight

Posted in 'Cross, Racing on September 28, 2010 by bikealberta

It’s a bummer, but here is the word from the boys at United Cycle:

After careful consultation and much deliberation, the United Cycle Tuesday Race Crew has decided to cancel the race tonight planned for Capilano Park.
We do not want to risk our situation with the city by destroying a whole lot of grassland. Capilano is especially under very strict scrutiny by the neighborhood residents.
So see you all next week at Goldbar Park, same time. Please start bringing lights if you are not already. Don’t need anyone getting smoked by a car, that would really suck.

Alberta’s ‘Cross Season Kicks Off This Weekend w/ the School of ‘Cross & Hop ‘n Hurl

Posted in 'Cross, Racing on September 21, 2010 by bikealberta

The Edmonton Road and Track Club and Revolution Cycle present the second annual School of Cross on Saturday September 25th with Hardcore Bikes presenting the annual Hop n’ Hurl on Sunday September 26th. Both races will be held at Royal Gardens Park (4030-117 street). There will be different courses on both days to keep all the racers on their toes. Both courses promise to be very spectator friendly with a great atmosphere on both days.


Registration for both races is available at

Check out the School of Cross techguide [here]

The Hop n’ Hurl techguide can be found [here]

See you out at the races!

Dark Knight & Oval ‘Cross Registration is Open

Posted in 'Cross, Racing on September 20, 2010 by bikealberta

Provided by Cyclemeisters

“The biggest weekend in Alberta Cyclocross will return for it’s third great year this October 2nd and 3rd. The Dark Knight and The Oval ‘Cross will be back … bigger, better, and well … new.


As some of you may have heard, the UofC has kindly asked that we not return to the grounds so we went and found an even better race course for you at C.O.P. The atmosphere and lunacy will be the same as always and the new course promises to be an even better thrill ride. In keeping with our other Cyclemeister race courses we’ve managed to include a downhill pump track … so get practicing your cross-ups on your ‘cross bikes because you’re getting some air baby. Race details have been posted and registration will open on on September 20th. Field limits will be in effect so register early. See you all on the 2nd. Cheers, The Cyclemeisters.”

You can find the tech guides here:



Cyclocrosser Shaun Adamson: Looking for Support

Posted in 'Cross, Cycling Bloggers on November 30, 2009 by bikealberta

Provided by Shaun Adamson

In order to help me raise money to fund my 2009 cyclocross campaign, I have a autographed frame pack from United Cycle to give away!

It includes:

* Framed Battle of Alberta picture signed by Sam Gagner and Mikka Kiprusoff (value $210)
* 2 West Edmonton Mall Choice Passes (value $70)
* United Cycle gift card (value $20)

Help me to raise funds for my 2009 cyclocross season, and this awesome package can be yours! All you have to do is fill out this form and correctly answer who is the current Canadian National Cyclocross Champion.

Tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100.

10% of all funds raised will also be donated to my charity of choice, the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

Payment can be made directly by joining the Shaun Adamson Supporters Club or by filling out the form indicating the number of tickets you want and I will send you payment request.
Thanks for all your support!

And a big thanks to United Cycle for the frame pack!