Writers Wanted; Advertisers Needed

Learn how to contribute or advertise with BikeAlberta


Bike Alberta is a group project. But it is quite unlike those horrible group projects you had to do in school. As we at Bike Alberta can’t be everywhere at once, we welcome the submission of all news, information and inspired writing related to cycling and cyclist’s in Alberta. Submit anything you feel may add to the general ambiance of cycling in Alberta. Going on a bike tour through the rockies? Let’s hear about it. Opening a bike shop? Feel free to let people know! Know of any Albertan’s performing well at race’s outside of Alberta? We’d love to see their results! Is there a coffee shop in your town that is the local cyclist’s hangout? Maybe we can encourage people to patronize them! Is there a road that is under construction and you want to warn people to avoid it? Send it in! BMX competion this comming weekend? Drive attendance, advertise it on Bike Alberta.

You get the idea.

If it relates to bikes or the people that ride them, we want to hear about it.

(the official small print) We retain the right to edit for clarity, brevity or for any other reason. So don’t submit a big long tail about how you hate this or that bike shop because they charged you too much for a tune-up. It won’t get posted. Or don’t bother submiting a rant about how you feel person x or y is a poor cyclist and should be avoided in races at all costs. It won’t get posted. Ask yourself this, By writing this am i helping contribute to the cycling scene in Alberta. If you are, it will probably get posted.


There are two ways to advertise with BikeAlberta. Daily and yearly. It’s pretty simple.

Yearly: If your company would like to buy space in the side bar it will cost you 200 dollars for the year. Every time we update the sight we will rotate the advertising top to bottom. 200 dollars a year; that’s less than 16 dollars a month. 54 cent’s a day if you want to get all technical. Where else can you as a company reach your intended market for so little. Think about what your yellow pages ad cost last year. It’s pretty reasonable.

Daily: If your company is hosting a bike race, or having a big sale and you want your ad to be right up front for everyone to see, then consider buying daily advertising. For 10 dollars (first come, first serve) we will include a jpeg ad and link it to your website. There will always be one week of posts up on the front page, so for 10 dollars, really you get 7 days worth of upfront, in your face advertising. Is it a really big event, maybe buy a couple days.

Because we are in the business of scene-building, if we know about your bike friendly company’s website, it will be linked from BikeAlberta free of charge. We want to promote cycling in Alberta and making cyclists aware of your bike friendly company or service is one way to do so. Buying advertising banners or pictures at BikeAlberta presents a means by which to further increase knowledge of your company and that’s never a bad thing.

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