DeadGoat Summer Solstice XC

Provided by Deadgoat Racing

Sunday June 28th, 2009, we are pleased to host the 22nd year of the Summer Solstice XC in the beautiful Kananaskis south of Bragg Creek.

The Summer Solstice is the longest running and one of the most favorite XC race stops in Alberta. This year we have moved the race a week later in hopes of having nicer weather for all the racers.

This is the third year with the modified and welcomed course. No longer, does the support staff have to hike into the woods and sit in the shade during the race. We moved the feed zone to the Station Flats day use area for more fan viewing and sun shine for all. In doing so we have lengthened the famous course and added a pro-log lap for most categories.

The course is famous for its long climbs and fast single track down hills. You do have to look out for the occasional cow on course, this adding even more entertainment. Once you have climbed to the top of the course, you will be welcomed with amazing views of Kananaskis and surrounding areas. Do enjoy the view, as it is short lived before you start the first big down hill single track.

This year we have also increased our allowable number of riders and added day licenses for non-licensed riders.

And this year we have added The Rivers Cove Campground for anyone wanting to camp out in Kananaskis. This is an ideal addition for people not wanting to drive back and forth from Calgary or for people coming from out of town. There is camping for the Friday and Saturday nights for anyone wishing to make a weekend out of it. And I am sure that we will have some crazy events in the evenings for anyone wishing to challenge their biking skills.

We will be using the campsite for all race day parking also. So please car pool if you can or come out and camp.

Scheduled Times,

Saturday, June 27th
Pre-ride and registration from 12:00 noon until 4:00 pm

Sunday, June 28th
8:00am – 9:30am Registration, racer sign-on

First Start
10:00am (Novice men and women) 1 lap, 12 km
10:02am (Novice Youth men and Women) 1 lap, 12 km

Second Start
10:15am (Sport Men) 2 laps, 24km
10:17am (Sport Women) 1 lap, 12km
10:19am (Sport Youth Boys) 1 lap, 12km
10:19am (sport Youth Girls) 1 lap, 12km

Third Start
10:40am (Elite Men) 3 laps + pro-log, 42km
10:42am (Expert Men) 2 laps + pro-log, 30km
10:44am (Elite Women) 2 laps + pro-log, 30km
10:44am (Expert Women) 2 laps + pro-log, 30km

Registration is now online with

Station Flats Day use area is located on HWY #66 south west of Bragg Creek. From Calgary, take HWY #8 to HWY #22 and head south to Bragg Creek. From there, follow HWY #22 south through the 4 way stop (in Bragg Creek) to the tee intersection of HWY #22 and HWY #66. Turn west on HWY #66 and follow the signs to Station Flats Day use area. Camping and parking will be across the HWY just east of Station Flats Day use area.

For any questions, regarding the race, special request, and camping please contact:

Ted Anderson


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  1. Great race guys, we pulled together a short video as well as some photos of the event. You can have a look at both here:

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